What Is The User Experience In A Website

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User experience is very important for bloggers, and Google gives priority but the question is, what is the user experience on a website?

If you’re unfamiliar with “user experience ” You have come to the right place because in this article you’ll know much more about user experience.

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What Is the User Experience In A Website?

User experience tells how much people like your website and how much they like spending time on it. This is one of the biggest ranking factors.

As a website owner, you can`t ignore the user experience on a website. User experience tells Google how people navigate your website.

This is important for both Google and the website owner.

If people like spending time on your website, you will see that the user experience is very good.

Many people are just focusing on SEO


They`re making a big mistake by ignoring user experience, so you have to focus on your website`s user experience as well.

The user experience is very important as well; it might push your ranking up on Google.

Let`s understand with an example

you have the website xyz.com, and this is about finance. Okay, you wrote an article about how to apply for American Express, and fortunately,
It got ranked on Google`s first page, and if I search a query on Google about how to apply for American Express, I see your website xyz.com out there, so I visit your website.

but I did`nt get value from your article, and I left your website fast because I didn’t like your article, your sentence pattern, and so on.

You didn’t write a good article about it, and you didn’t provide value to your readers, whether the problem was with your writing skill, website design, or sentence format.

and I never visit your website again, so this is the kind of bad user experience that a website owner and Google don`t like.

If I spend time on your website, if I comment on your website, if I share your article, then this is called a good user experience.

So you can understand the user experience for your website in one sentence: “User experience tells about the user interest in your site.”

Why is User Experience Important for Websites ?

Lots of people are talking about SEO, traffic, and so on, but one big factor that people usually don’t talk about is user experience.

The question is, why is it important to have a good user experience for my website?

Can it help to rank on Google or get traffic? There`s one simple answer: yes!

It will help you rank your website on Google and get traffic to your blog.

Let’s understand it in detail.

User experience gives a signal to Google that do people engage with this blog or website? Do people like to read the articles on this blog?

If a user spends time on your website, visits it again and again, and so on, this is considered a good user experience.

the most likely Google algorithm might keep your website in front of the users.

User experience is important for making money from blogging and for surviving in the blogging world for a long time.

If users won`t visit your website and won`t spend time on it, you can`t make money from blogging or survive in the blogging business for very long.

Factors Affecting the User Experience 

You should definitely know about the factors that affect your user experience so that you can improve it, but there`s not only one factor on which you have to focus.

There are multiple factors around them that affect your site`s experience

Here are the factors:

Your Content

Your content plays a big role in determining the user experience of your blog, so you should pay more attention to this factor.

Keep publishing quality content user likes quality content, and Google as well, because if a user reads your article and they like it, most probably they read your article completely.

by which your site`s average session duration will be increased, they will comment on your article, and they might share your article.

They might visit your site again, and overall, you’ll get a good user experience if you keep publishing quality content.

Your website`s design

Think once if you land on a website with bad design. Will you read the articles on that website? Most likely no; you`ll exist without reading any articles or spending time there.

but if you land on a website that has excellent design, you`ll show an interest in reading the articles and probably spend time on that website.

Bounce Rate 

If you`re unfamiliar with bounce rate, I`ll explain it.

The bounce rate is the rate, which is given in percentage, that shows how many people visit your other pages on your website after the landing page.

Don’t you understand?

Don`t worry, I will explain.

Let`s suppose you wrote an article about American Express credit cards, and I visited that article first. If I only read that article and no others exist, my bounce rate will increase.

but if I read another article or visit another page of your website, the bounce rate will decrease.

Having a higher bounce rate on a website is not good; it’s the subject of worry, and Google doesn’t like this.

If a website has a high bounce rate, it means it has a bad user experience because people don’t spend more time on it; they just read the article and get back from it.

They don’t show the interest to read another article or visit other web pages of your website.

The best thing to do to decrease the bounce rate is to publish quality content and do good internal linking.

Sharing The Articles 

Do people share your articles? why sharing the articles is important.

If a user shares your article on social media, then it gives a
positive signal to Google that this article is very good.

That’s why people are sharing this article on social media and helping Google improve your ranking.

The best thing to do is to keep publishing quality content to get more shares.

How to Improve the User Experience

Improving this is important because you can`t survive for long in the blogging field with a bad user experience. If users like your website, you can stand out from the crowd.

If more people like a leader, they vote for them in an election, and that leader wins, just as more people like your website, it grows.

To improve user experience, you should focus on these things.

Write Quality Content.

When you talk about user experience, quality content comes first. You should write quality content to get a good user experience on your site because users and Google both like quality content, and if they get quality content on your site, the most probably they will share your article, they might visit other pages of your site, and they might buy from your affiliate link.

Overall, you’ll get a good user engagement by publishing quality content.

Website Design 

A well-designed website can improve the user experience so don’t ignore the design; it’s important to keep a good user experience.

People are more likely to visit a well-designed website than a poorly designed one.

Keep Your Website’s Bounce Rate Low.

I explained earlier about bounce rates. Having a low bounce rate on a website is good because it gives a signal to Google that when a user visits one web page of your website, they are likely to visit other web pages of your website as well.

It means users like your content, which is why they visit other web pages on your website.

Try to keep your website’s bounce rate below 40%; that’s a good number.

The best thing to do to keep your website’s bounce rate low is to always publish quality content and do good internal linking.

Having a low bounce rate can increase your website’s page views and revenue.

Create Content That People Will Share

Sharing a piece of content is very beneficial for the website owner because it gives a signal to Google that people like this article because they’ve shared it, which might help Google rank your article.

Ask people to share the article. If you read my article, you would notice that I always ask people to share it after reading the conclusion because it increases your traffic and ranking.

What Is The Difference Between User Experience And Page Experience ?

Many people think that user experience is the same as page experience, but there’s a small difference between the two.

User experience means the experience of a user on a website, whether that experience is for any particular web page of your website or the whole site.

Page experience is the user’s experience for any particular web page on your website.

For example

If I visit your site and visit other web pages, this is measured as a user experience for your website, but if I visit any particular web page on your website, this is measured as a page experience.

You can understand the difference between user experience and page experience in one sentence.

User experience describes the experience of a user for the whole website, including multiple web pages of any site.

Page experience tells a story of the user’s experience with a particular web page.

Where You Can Check The User Experience Of Your Website

Google Analytics is the tool with which you can check the user engagement of your website.

You can find out about the user experience on your website in Google Analytics.

The Google Analytics reports show bounce rate and average session duration.

If your website’s bounce rate is less than 40, this is a very good number; otherwise, at least your website’s bounce rate should be less than 50%.

Bounce rate and session duration in google analytics


User experience is important to rank at the top of the Google search results, so if you are a website owner, you should definitely focus on the user experience of your website and improve it as much as possible.

I hope you have understood what a website’s user experience is, and I hope you enjoyed this article. If so, please share this article with your friends and colleagues.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask  in the comment section, and I will reply as soon as possible.

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