What Is General Insurance

What is General Insurance or General Insurance?

This is the insurance, which does not come under life insurance, is called general or ordinary insurance.

The following are insured in general insurance, which is not done in life insurance, such as fire insurance, marine insurance, accidental insurance, motor insurance, marine insurance, etc. Many other types of non life insurance (NON LIFE INSURANCE) products are included. .

We can divide GENERAL INSURANCE into the following parts

1 HOME Home Insurance
2 MOTOR Motor
3 TRAVALTravel Insurance
4. HEALTH Health insurance
7. MARIN Marine Insurance
8. THEFT insurance etc.

How does motor insurance cover general insurance?

Any person who gets his bike or vehicle insured comes under general insurance. Instead, that person has to pay the price to the insurance company as a security, in return the company provides him with the security of his bike or car, such as: – The company compensates for the accident or theft of any vehicle, which is the general Comes in insurance.

What is home insurance?

In home insurance, the entire contents of the house are insured. All the things kept in the house are protected by the general insurance company. For example, in case of calamity, the collapse of the walls of the house, any kind of theft in the house, fire in the house, all these are compensated by the insurance company.

what is travel insurance

When a person travels in any means, then the complete protection of defamation of that person is done in travel insurance. For example, in case of loss or theft of any luggage of a passenger during the journey, general insurance covers it.

Read Health Insurance

When a person is ill, he enters the hospital for treatment. During this, the complete treatment of the person is done under health insurance. Like ambulance expenses, OPD expenses, doctor’s advice, hospital medicines, hospital bills, etc. all these are covered in general insurance.

How does general insurance cover shop insurance?

In this insurance, every item kept in the shop is insured, such as cash, furniture, electronic goods etc. If there is any kind of theft in the shop, or if there is a fire, if there is any damage due to an earthquake, then the insurance is covered. And the loss of the customer is compensated. That’s why people get their shops and factories insured.

How to cover factory insurance in general insurance

In factory insurance, all workers and all types of products are insured, such as all the workers engaged in the factory are insured for the treatment of disease and treatment of accident. Factory insurance is useful to compensate for the loss of all the equipment installed in the factory.

What is Marine Insurance? WHAT IS SEA INSURANCE?

Marine insurance is that, in which the ship and passengers and goods are protected inside the sea. For example, when a ship travels inside the sea, any disaster or damage due to sea waves occurs in any passenger or ship, then the insurance of all the equipment from the goods in the ship compensates for the loss under general insurance. In this, the luggage and persons of all passengers are insured.

How does general insurance cover theft?

If a person has taken general insurance (THEFT INSURANCE), then there is theft anywhere in the factory, in the factory or in any person’s house, then the insurance company compensates it as far as he has paid the premium. The company will cover its share.

What is Pradhan Mantri Suraksha insurance scheme

Under this plan, the risk coverage for accident, death and total disability is Rs 2 lakh and the risk coverage for partial disability is Rs 1 lakh. Annual premium amount of Rs.20 is deducted in one installment through ‘Auto Debit’ facility from the account holder’s bank account.

What is cashless insurance?

Cashless Health Insurance Policy- Cashless claim in health insurance is a method of claim settlement, where the policyholder does not have to pay cash for treatment and the settlement of bills takes place directly between the hospital and the insurance company.

What are the functions of General Insurance Corporation of India?

General Insurance Corporation of India (GENERAL INSURANCE CORPORATE), a government owned company, provides reinsurance products to general insurers. It offers reinsurance products on both contractual and voluntary basis.


When in India in 2003 all the shares of the company held by the General Insurance Corporation of India were transferred to the Government of India. The company has 1924 offices in the country and has 13923 employees as on 31.03.2018. These figures have now changed.

What is first party insurance?

First Party Insurance is such vehicle insurance, due to which an insurance company compensates for the damage caused to your own vehicle. In the language of vehicle insurance , it is known as Own Damage Cover. But, you can get this facility (Own Damage Cover) only when you have taken Comprehensive Insurance Plan ( Complete Insurance ). This also includes full party cashless insurance.

What is the meaning of cashless insurance?

Nowadays cashless facility has become a common thing in all Mediclaim policies . Under this facility, the insurance company pays the expenses incurred on the treatment of the insured directly to the hospital . Means the customer does not have to pay any money while getting admitted in the hospital . Cashless facility is always better than claim reimbursement .

How is Mediclaim done?

Mediclaim policy is a health policy that takes care of your medical expenses up to the sum insured in case of any health emergency. In this, the insurance company bears the expenses of in-patient cover, day care treatment, etc. due to hospitalization in case of accident or illness. In this, the company covers the treatment of all health plans.

Can we claim insurance from any hospital?

No, we can claim only in those hospitals which are empaneled with cashless hospitals. In cashless claims, the policyholder can get treatment from any network hospital of the insurance company.

What is the difference between Mediclaim and Health Insurance?

Mediclaim Insurance Mediclaim policy does not provide insurance cover in case of very serious or life threatening diseases. The diseases and health problems involved are predetermined. Whereas, the treatment of more than 25 serious diseases is also covered under the Health Insurance Policy .

When can I claim health insurance?

The health insurance plan can be claimed if the policyholder is hospitalized for at least 24 hours or dies after 24 hours of hospitalization. If the death of the policyholder is due to an accident and medical illness You can also claim health insurance if it happens due to. The company will compensate your claim.

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