Technical Seo Vs Content Seo ( On Page Seo) For Website

Technical SEO and on-page SEO are very important for a website to rank on Google, but how does this help our blog to rank on Google?

Don’t worry.

What Is A Technical SEO ?

When we make our website technically strong, like by creating a good sitemap, improving website speed loading time, robot. txt, removing broken links etc., this is called technical SEO.

To rank, a website should be technically fine. This is an important factor for ranking purposes.

Technical SEO is not difficult work. It can be done easily, but if you don’t have knowledge about blogging, it may seem a little bit difficult, but you can do it easily with the help of blog articles and YouTube videos.

But why is technical SEO important now that we’re talking about it?

What Are The Main Things In Technical SEO Which We Should Keep In Our Mind ? 

Technical SEO helps a website to rank a blog on Google. Even Google loves technical SEO, so it’s important to have a good technical SEO score for a website.


A sitemap is the site’s structure, which tells Google how many posts, images, pages, and links a website has, and it’s important to tell Google about a site’s posts, pages, etc., and with the help of a sitemap, you can do it because you can’t tell Google from your mouth.

After creating a blog,  you have to create a sitemap, which tells Google about your posts, pages, links, etc. After that, you have to submit a sitemap on the Google search console.

You can create a sitemap with the help of the sitemap generator tool. Simply go to the sitemap generator tool and give your site’s details into the sitemap generator. This tool generates an xml sitemap for your website.

Speed Of Website Loading

Website loading speed is very important for websites. Site speed is how much time a website takes to open The less time a website takes to open, the more Google likes it. This might improve your ranking.

You have to keep the loading speed of your website fast; it’s a direct ranking factor Google loves a website that quickly loads and even users like this.

So it’s important to keep your website loading fast. Your website should be open in less than 3 seconds. This number is good for Seo.

You can check your website’s loading speed in Pagespeed insights. This gives a score on the basis of your website’s loading speed If your website’s loading speed score is greater than 90, it means your website loads fast.

Pagespeed insights also tell you factors that you should correct to improve your website’s loading speed.


When you create a website, you have to create a robot.txt file because this allows Google to see which pages, links, etc. to index.

When Google’s bot comes to your website, it indexes all pages of your website, including categories, archives, and so on, which shouldn’t be indexed on Google because these are not important to index.

You should only allow posts and pages of your website to be indexed by Google.

Broken Link

When anyone clicks on a link and when they see “not found 404 error”it’s happened because when you delete any indexed URL or change URL, this creates a broken link.
Having broken links on a website is not good.

Google doesn’t like broken links either, not even a user too, and a broken link may decrease your ranking. So it’s important to fix broken links.

You can find broken links with the help of a broken link checker by pasting your website’s URL into it.

Once you know why there are broken links on your website, it’s easy for you to fix them.

Why Is Technical SEO Important ?

Technical Seo is one of the most important factors for a website because Google understands a website better when it is technically strong. With the help of it, Google gives priority to a website and it ranks well on Google SERP.


A Sitemap is very important for a website because Google knows how many posts, pages, links etc a website has with the help of a Sitemap because a website owner or anyone can’t tell Google how many posts, pages, images, etc a website has from mouth, so to tell Google how many posts, images, etc a website has, creating a Sitemap is important.

Site Speed

One of the most important factors in Google ranking is site speed.Search engines and users alike like a website that loads fast. A website’s site speed impacts our ranking.

A website’s site speed is considered an important ranking factor. So always keep your website’s loading fast. Your website’s loading speed should be 0–3 seconds. Not more than this.


This is another important thing for a website. When you set up your blog, you have to create a robot. With the help of it, you allow the search engine to index which pages you want to index on Google and which are not, so it’s important to create. With the help of robot.txt, Google understands the pages crawled on a website.

Broken Link

A broken link might harm a website, so it’s important to fix. When a user clicks on a link and they see a 404 error, the user experience is not good.

Even Google doesn’t like a website that has a broken link. Broken links are not good for SEO and broken links may decrease your Google ranking. So it is important to understand the broken link and fix it.

What Is Content SEO ?

Content Seo is also known as on-page Seo because on-page Seo is done for content.

When we optimise our particular blog post for search engines to rank on top by doing good keyword research, keyword placement, meta description, image optimization, and so on, this is called content Seo or on-page Seo.

Seo or content on the pageSeo is the most important way to rank your blog posts in search engines and to get organic traffic.

What Does On Page Seo Include ? 

As you know, on page seo is very important to rank a blog on Google, but on page seo is not just one term. On page seo includes many terms which you should do for your website to achieve on page seo, like keyword research, keyword placement, image optimization, heading tages etc.

Let’s talk about it in detail.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the most important part of on-page SEO, so if you want to rank your blog on Google and get traffic from Google, you should work on keyword research and find the perfect keyword for you to write a quality article on it.

There are three types of keywords on the basis of competition: a no competition keywords, low competition keywords, and high competition keywords.

You can also target some no competition keywords which help you to rank your blog quickly on Google. But no competition keywords have basically 0 search volumes, but it’s important to rank quickly on Google to build authority on Google fast.

Placements Of Keywords

After finding low competition keywords, you have to write a quality article about it and you have to place your main and related keywords in the right places within your article.

With the help of keyword placement, Google understands what this content is all about and Google ranks this article on top, but there’s not only one ranking factor; there are more than 200 ranking factors but keyword placement is one of them.

You have to place your main keyword in your title and within the first 10% of your article h2/h3 and meta description.

There are many SEO tools on the internet which help you to optimise your blog posts, like Rank Math, Yoast, Allinone, and so on.

Title Optimization 

While writing the title, keep these things in your mind: a title is one of the most crucial places where you should work to get traffic because an attractive title gives a lot of organic traffic and a title is also important for Seo.

Always write your main keyword into your title.

Write an attractive title so that people are interested in clicking on your title, through which you can get a lot of traffic from Google or any search engine.

Use power words in your title like best, famous, free, proven, etc. By seeing these words in your title, people are attracted towards your title and they click on it.

URL Optimization 

Google prioritises web page urls, and url optimization is an important part of content SEO or on-page SEO, so optimising to rank on Google is essential.Here are some tips to optimise your blog post’s URL.

Put your main keyword in the url of your blog post, and always put a dash between the words like this.


This is my main keyword and look how I write my url. You will have to write your blog post’s url like this.

Try to write a short url. Google loves short and clear URLs.

Don’t include any numbers or other symbols in your url.

Meta Description

A meta description is a part of your blog post and you will have to write a short description about your content, like what the article is all about.

With the help of meta description, Google understands your article. What article is this all about? And before, Google showed your meta description in search results below your post’s title, but now Google doesn’t show this, but it’s still important to write your main keyword and short description for your article.

Image Optimization

Image optimization is also important along with content optimization because Google gives priority to images, so it’s important to optimise your post’s images. The question is how to optimise them. Don’t worry, here are some tips to optimise your blog post.

Write what is in an image in the alt text of the image.

For example, this is an image

The bird is on land

The alt text will be of this image is – The bird is on land or a bird name is on land

Write your main keyword in the title of the image.

The title will be of this image is – Technical Seo vs content Seo

Related Keywords Or LSI Keywords 

Related keywords are also important to use and optimise in your post because it gives Google relavancy of content and helps Google understand what the content is all about.
Use related keywords like this.

Include relevant keywords in your article and meta description.

If possible, use related keywords in your blog post’s title.


Linking is a great way to increase your page views and it’s also important for SEO. We are talking about internal links and external links.

When you link a page to another page on your website, this is called internal linking.

When you link a page from another website to your website’s page, this is called an external link.

Both are important to have in your article because they provide value to your readers and increase the average session duration of your website.

Even external links make trust of your website in front of Google, through which your website’s ranking might be improved.

Technical Seo Vs Content Seo ( What’s The Difference) 

After knowing about technical SEO and why it is important, let’s know about the difference between technical SEO and content SEO.

Technical SEO and content SEO are different from each other. They both have different parameters, but both are helpful and important to rank a website.

Technical SEO is done for a website to be eligible to rank on Google and it’s necessary because Google gives priority to all three types of SEO.

content Seo or on page Seo is done for a particular blog post to rank a particular blog post. This is also very important to do.

Technical Seo is not part of on-page Seo. Both are different from each other and have different parameters because technical seo is done for a website and on-page seo is done for particular blog posts.

On page seo takes time to give results, but this is not the case with technical seo. Once you do technical SEO, it will be fine quickly.

Technical Seo is done once or twice, but on page Seo is done again and again. On page Seo is done for a particular blog post. That’s why we do on page Seo for all posts.

Is It More Important To Focus On Technical SEO or Content SEO For Website?

Technical Seo and on-page Seo are the types of Seo and both are important because when your website is not technically fine, it won’t be ranked on Google no matter how much on-page Seo you do and how much quality your blog post has. So technical SEO is the root of your website, which is why keeping it fine is important.

If your website is technically strong but you are not doing on-page SEO, it’s very difficult to rank your blog post on Google’s first page no matter how much fine technical SEO your website has. To rank on Google and get organic traffic, technical SEO and content SEO are both important.

How Technical SEO Helps Our Blog’s Google Ranking

Good question! Technical SEO is important, but how does this help us to rank on Google and to get traffic from Google?

Doing technical SEO is mandatory for website owners to be eligible to rank on Google.

You will have to create a sitemap through which Google knows how many posts, pages, and links your website has so that they can understand your website better and can rank it better.

You will have to keep your website’s loading fast, which helps you rank well in Google search results. The more your website loads fast, the more you get an extra advantage.

You will have to fix broken links.
Broken links might harm your website, so it’s important to fix.

All these include technical SEO, and you can say technical SEO helps us in these ways.

How Does Content SEO or On-Page SEO Help Our Blog’s Ranking on Google ?

On page, seo is one of the most important factors in ranking. No matter how many quality articles you write and how much you share, if you want to rank your blog post on the top of the Google SERP, you must do on page SEO because it helps you to rank your blog, but there’s not only one parameter on page SEO, there are many parameters on page SEO, and all of them help your blog to rank.

If you do good keyword research and target low-competition keywords and long-tail keywords, the chances of ranking your blog will be high because low-competition keywords and long-tail keywords are the best keywords when your website does not have high domain authority.

If you place your keywords well, use related keywords, and optimise your keywords well, it will be helpful for you.

The optimization of images, urls and title tags is important to rank. With the help of it, Google understands your content better and might rank it better.

Don’t forget to write quality articles and give value to people because these are not part of Seo but these are considered more than Seo from Google’s point of view.

Which Is Difficult To do Technical SEO Or On-Page SEO ?

Technical Seo and on-page Seo are not as hard as you think. Technical Seo is done once, and it may take some time for beginners who have no knowledge of blogging, but the sweetest part of technical SEO is that technical SEO is done once or twice. You don’t need to do it again and again like on-page Seo.

On page seo is not too hard to optimise your blog posts, but it seems very difficult for beginners because they don’t have any idea about it. But believe me, once you have spent some time blogging, this will be easy for you.

Final Words 

On-page Seo is just done for a particular blog post and it is done again and again, but technical SEO is the root of a blog or website because it is done for the whole website and technical SEO makes a website ready to rank on search engines.

Both are helpful and important to rank on Google and to get organic traffic. If you got any question, let me know via comments, i`ll reply for sure. I hope you liked this article. If you liked this article, please share this article on social media.

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