Is Blog Commenting Still Effective & Profitable In 2023

Blog commenting is the way through which you can get traffic and build relationships with other bloggers, but the question is: is blog commenting still effective?

You don`t need to worry; you have come to the right place because I will explain much more about blog commenting, but for now, you`ll have to read this article completely.

Let`s get started without any further ado.

What Is Blog Commenting ?

Blog commenting is one of the most effective ways for link building. Basically, you have to comment on other blogs in your niche, through which you`ll get nofollow links to your website.
and get some quality traffic to your blog.

Before, blog commenting was done in large numbers, but now most bloggers don`t use this technique.

The main reason I believe bloggers don’t use this technique is that they only focus on quality do-follow backlinks, and blog commenting provides no-follow backlinks, which are no more effective than do-follow backlinks.

but they miss the opportunity to get traffic and build relationships with other blog owners which is possible with blog commenting.

Blog commenting doesn’t just provide a no-follow backlink; it also provides some quality traffic to your blog.

You can see in the screenshot how blog commenting looks like.

Comments on a blog post

This is one of my blog post’s comment by Ryan Biddulph.

Is Blog Commenting Still Effective ?

Yes definetely! Blog commenting is still effective and work because it brings results for us; it provides traffic to our blogs; it helps to build relationships with other bloggers.

They open the door for guest posting as well. Blog commenting is not a difficult task; simply find a blog in your niche and comment; that’s all there is to it. I`ll explain more about it in the next part.

Blog commenting is the technique which no many bloggers uses but still you have oppurtunity to beat your competitor and rank better than them on google.

 What Digital marketing expert Neil Patel 
said about it

Neip patel's answer on quora


like Neil Patel you can do also get traffic from blog commenting because its not dead.


I hope, you’ll get understand that blog commenting is still work.

no matter you`re new to blogging or experienced, you should definitely do blog commenting.

Why Should You Blog Commenting ?

Blog commenting is important for bloggers to get traffic; blog commenting provides a no-follow backlink and builds relationships with other bloggers that will help.
you in the future.

So if you are struggling to get traffic, you should definitely try blog commenting. Blog commenting is the way to build links, so if you want to do link building, you should do this. I definitely do blog commenting as well.

Blogging says: “The more traffic you get, the more money you make,” and blog commenting is one of the great ways to get traffic, so why shouldn’t you use this technique?
This is white-hat SEO and is not illegal.

Many bloggers got results from blog commenting, and you can too.

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What Are the Advantages of Commenting on Blogs ?

As I told you, blog commenting is a great way to get traffic and benefits for your site, and you shouldn’t have any doubt about this.

Similarly to how you should comment on blogs,Here are some benefits of blog commenting:

Get Traffic 

Blog comments are a method that few people use, but you have the opportunity to get some better than your competitors.

when you comment on blog, your profile would be shown there and if anyone click to your profile, they visit your website and you`ll get traffic from blog commenting.

 There are many ways to get traffic, but blog commenting is one of the easiest ways to get traffic, so you should
Definitely use this technique. You may not get results right away, but you will get results eventually.

Build Your Relationship With Other Bloggers.

Building relationships is very important for bloggers because you can get help from other bloggers, so blog commenting is also a great way to build relationships with other bloggers because when you comment on any particular blog, the blog owner understands that.

If you are their regular blog reader and you always comment on their blog, it means you liked their articles, and you can get offers of guest posting, collaboration, or blogging help from them as well.

So blog commenting helps bloggers to build relationships with other blog owners.

Blog Commenting Increases Online Presence.

The more your website is visible to users, the more it shows the presence of your website, which Google also likes, so blog commenting is one way to increase the online visibility of your blog.

If your website’s link appears in other blogs in your niche, it will be beneficial to you because Google will view it as a positive signal that your website stands out from the crowd.

How to Comment on a Blog

Blog commenting would be beneficial for you, but if it is done in the right way, here are the steps to do blog commenting the right way:

Step 1: Find the blogs that are relevant to your niche. This is important because it wouldn’t be beneficial for you to do blog commenting on those blogs that are not in your niche, so make sure
Do blog commenting on those blogs that are in your niche.

Let’s suppose my blog is in the blogging niche, so I`ll find the blogs that are in my niche for blog commenting.

The best way to find the blogs that are in your niche is to search your topic on Google for your niche and check out those blogs.

I found the blog, which is in my niche.

Home page of bloggerspassion blog

Step 2: Go to any post on that blog and read the entire article; if you enjoyed it, leave a comment.

Step 3: Before submitting your comment, don`t forget to fill in the details like your name, your email, and your website URL in the given box.

Comment box of a blog

It is now up to the blog owner to decide whether or not to approve your comment; if they do, it will be displayed alongside the rest of the article, and you will benefit from blog commenting.

If you leave a comment on this post that I taught, the blog owner will almost certainly approve it.

What Should You Consider Before Making Blog Comments?

Blog commenting should be done in the right way. Here are a few things you should keep in mind before doing blog commenting:

Choose The Blog That Is In Your Niche.

This is the most important thing to do when commenting on blogs because if you comment on blogs that are in your niche, you`ll get traffic and other benefits.

Because, let`s suppose you comment on a finance blog and your website`s niche is in health, people won’t come to your website because they are not interested in health.

It would not be beneficial for you to build relationships with blog owners. So the first step is to select blogs in your niche.

Don`t Do Spam 

If you do spam, you can`t get approved by the blog owner, and you can`t get any benefits from blog commenting, but what actually is spam? Let’s take an exam.

If you promote your blogs in comments in a bad way, it comes under spam comments, such as putting the blog`s link, an article`s link, and so on. If you do comment, it doesn’t matter what you said; this comes under spam comments, and you won`t get approved.

Here you can see an example of spam comments.

Fill In All The Important Details To Leave A Comment.

Usually, to comment on any blog, you`ll have to fill in the details before submitting the comment, such as your name, your email, your website, and the comment box, so you`ll have to
Fill in all of the details in the provided box before submitting your comments.To get traffic, enter your website’s URL in the provided box.

How Blog Comments Work ?

When you leave a comment on a blog, it goes to the comment section of the WordPress dashboard, where the blog owner can approve or disapprove.

If your comment is not spam, it will most likely be approved, and the more people who read that article who see your comment, the more likely you can get traffic if anyone clicks on your name in a comment.

Basically, blog commenting is used to get traffic because it won`t boost your ranking but is still profitable for getting traffic.

In blog commenting, there’s a win-win case for both the blog owner and the person who commented because blog commenting gives benefits to both the blog owner and the person who comments if they get more comments to their blog posts.

It gives a good signal to Google that your blog post is very good. That’s why people are commenting, through which your blog post might rank well.

As a person who commented, I also get traffic from that blog, so this is a win-win situation for both parties.

Can Blog Comments Boost ur ranking ?

No, it won`t boost your blog`s ranking because it’s not a ranking factor; it’s a way of building links and getting traffic. If you`re thinking that by blogging you can boost your ranking, you’re thinking wrong.

So use this just for getting traffic and building relationships with other bloggers.

However, it can indirectly improve your ranking, such as when you get a lot of traffic to a post and it ranks well in Google, but blog commenting is not considered a direct ranking factor.

How Often Should I Leave Blog Comments?

How often should I leave blog comments? You should understand that when you leave comments, they should not appear spammy, and you should not leave the same comments in all of their articles.

 Leave just 1-2 comments on blogs and try to be natural when you make comments. You should not make more than five comments per day because making 10-20 comments is considered spam, so don’t do it.

If you leave more comments in a day, it would be like you are doing spam, and this is not good for you.


Blog comments still work for bloggers, and you should definitely do blog comments because they’re a great way to get traffic. You can also obtain it.

Nofollow backlinks as well. Blog comments show the online presence of your site. The more websites that include your website’s link, the more popular your website is.
and it shows a stronger online presence for your website.

I hope you understand whether or not blog commenting is still effective. and much more about blog commenting, so I hope you liked this article; if so, please share it on social media, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comment box. I`ll reply for sure.

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