Insurance Means

In reality, there is an agreement between the insurer, that is, the insurer and the insured, in which the insurer takes a fixed amount from the insured, in exchange for the occurrence of any event, such as the death of one person. Pays a fixed amount, or indemnifies the actual loss incurred by the insurer.

Insurance means protection from loss. If any insurance company insures anyone, then the insurance company compensates the financial loss caused to that person.

Insurance How many types of insurance are there?

Insurance Means

We divide insurance into three parts

  • Life insurance
  • Health insurance
  • general insurance
  • Life insurance

In life insurance, any human being is insured, he gets this insurance done because if any accidental incident happens in my life or if any accident happens to me, then my insurance money will be useful to my family members. For example: writing for their upbringing can be used for studies or for any other work,

Health insurance

Health insurance is also the insurance of man, in this, health insurance is done to avoid human illness, accident, such as hospital expenses, OPD medicines, operation, ambulance, doctor’s expenses are relieved, so people get health insurance.

General insurance

It contains all types of insurance such as life insurance health insurance motorcycle car bus truck animal shop factory etc. insurance is done in general insurance

How does insurance work

When a person buys an insurance policy, he pays a certain amount to the insurance company. If that person suffers any loss or accident, he makes a claim on the insurance company. Is

Man must have five types of insurance

Life insurance, home or property insurance, disability insurance, automobile, health insurance, all these insurances should be with everyone, without this our life is incomplete, we are worried about them all our life, so we should get them all insured.

How to make insurance or insurance

Insurance Means

First of all go to the insurance website, after that keep the RC of your vehicle in your hands or near you, now go on filling the columns as asked in the website.

  1. First of all enter the registration number.
  2. Enter the mobile number in the 2nd column.
  3.  Enter the correct email.
  4. Fill other details including address.
  5.  Click on the Buy button.
  6. Pay the premium through secure payment gateway.
  7. Two wheeler (motorcycle) car bus truck etc.

Will be sent to you through your registered email id or that means you will get it, in this way your vehicle insurance is made.

what are the benefits of insurance

Insurance is a financial safety net that helps you and your family recover after something bad happens like a lawsuit or a car accident, fire, theft, etc. When we buy insurance, we get an insurance policy that protects you and your loved ones. there is a legal agreement between the provider

Which is the cheapest life insurance plan?

JEEVAN LAKSHYA POLICY Jeevan Lakshya policy is the cheapest in LIC’s cheapest plan because this policy provides good returns, under JEEVAN LAKSHYA POLICY you will have to pay only Rs 172 per day in a few days and 28.5 lakhs on maturity You can get a return of Rs. which is great

List of best selling policies of life insurance

  • zest for life
  • New Jeevan Anand
  • life peace
  • Life goal








Why should we get insurance or insurance

At the time of the policy, if the insured person i.e. the person who has been insured, dies or becomes crippled due to an accident, in this situation the life insurance product provides a certain amount of money. If seen, any person whose support is necessary for his family and earns income, it is very important for him to get life insurance, the whole family has everything, so we must get the main person insured.

What is accident insurance (WHAT IS ACCIDENTAL INSURANCE)

Accident insurance is that which happens suddenly in our life, due to which we can lose our life in an accident or any part of the body can be broken, such as one hand being damaged or both legs being lost. Accidents come suddenly in our lives and do not even give us a chance to handle them. To meet all your needs, we do accident insurance. Accident insurance plays an important role in our expenses.

How do we get the insurance money

The insurance company sends a discharge voucher, it is signed by the buyer of insurance, after signing it, it is sent back to the company, after receiving the discharge voucher, the company pays the amount of the expenses, there are two most important things that we should keep in mind. What we should take care of is time and accuracy. We should take care of one more thing, as soon as there is an incident, the information should be given to the insurance company immediately and the claim should be made as soon as the incident happens.


In today’s blog article, we have learned that what is the importance of life insurance, health insurance and general insurance in our life, I hope you have understood all this information correctly, if you still have any question in your mind, then you can comment. Can do.

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