How To Make Money By Blogging On WordPress

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After starting a blog, people look for ways to make money with a blog.

So here’s the full guide on how to make money by blogging on WordPress? 

Lots of people start their first blog with free blogger, but they may make money from that, but the chances are very small. If you want to make money with blogging, make sure you have a WordPress blog.

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Which Is Better For Making Money From Blogging, Blogger or WordPress?

There are a lot of blogging platforms available on the internet through which you can start a blog, but only 2 platforms are popular and most people have heard of their names.

The first is the free blogging platform Blogger and the second one is WordPress with a cost.

Many people recommend that if you are new to blogging, you start with free blogger and then migrate your website from blogger to WordPress after some time.

My Opinion – if you want to make money from blogging and build a career in this field, you should definitely start with a WordPress blog because making money with a Blogger blog is difficult because there are limits and no plugins through which you can’t work properly, and after some time, if you migrate your website from Blogger to WordPress, your website will be negatively affected, such as losing traffic and facing internal difficulties.

If you start a blog with WordPress, you won’t have any limits. You can work properly with plugins.

You have the opportunity to establish a blog in the proper way and you can make money with your WordPress blog.

How Much Do Bloggers Make Money With A WordPress Blog ?

Bloggers make $100 to $1,00,000  per month and more. It depends on their traffic how much they get. The more traffic they get, the more money they make.

There’s no limit of making money with wordpress you can make lot of money from WordPress blog so don’t worry about how much can you make money with wordpress blog.

Lots of bloggers making lot of income through wordpress blog I hope the next one will be you.

Can You Make Money From a Free Blog ?

Yes, you can make money from a free blog if you work properly and you get a lot of traffic.

You can make money with a free blogger blog, but if you want to make a lot of money, you have to come to WordPress because WordPress is known as the perfect website hoster.

So if you want to build your career in blogging and want to earn a lot of money, you should come to WordPress.

How Can You Monetize Your WordPress Blog? 

There’re many ways to monetize your wordpress blog, like Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, selling digital products, etc You can monetize your WordPress blog in the following ways, which I will discuss in more detail later.

What Is WordPress ?

WordPress is a premium blogging platform which offers people to create a professional website. Many people are using WordPress to create a website or blog.

WordPress is the largest blogging platform on the basis of active users.
So WordPress helps us to establish a blog and make money from it, so it is important and the first choice of bloggers to make money.

What Is A WordPress Blog?

When anyone creates a blog on WordPress and runs a blog on WordPress, that blog is called a WordPress blog.

As anyone who creates a free blog on blogspot and runs a blog on that, that is called a blogspot blog.

Anyone who creates a blog on Wix and runs a blog on Wix is called a Wix blogger.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Blog On WordPress ? 

Before starting a WordPress blog, you should buy hosting and domain. You can install WordPress on your hosting.

There are many hosting services available that you can choose from, like hostinger, Bluehost, Siteground, etc.

There’s no exact number of hosts to know how much it costs. You have to check it out.

With the passage of time, hosting companies make offers at lower prices for a limited time.

There are numerous plan options available in hosts, and you can select any plan that meets your requirements.

You can buy plans on a monthly basis or yearly. The price will vary among hosts. They all have different prices.

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What Are The Requirements For Making Money From A WordPress Blog ?

You don’t need to have a full setup for blogging. You can do blogging and make money from blogging with just a smartphone and an internet connection. that`s it

You must have some resources to make money from a WordPress blog, because you cannot make money without them.

Consider the resources you should have to make money from your WordPress blog.

You Should Have A Blog.

This is the most important resource to  make money from blogging Having a blog is the first step to making money from blogging.

You have to create a WordPress blog first to make money from blogging. You have to buy hosting to create a WordPress blog.

Many hosting options are available on the internet from which you can start a WordPress professional blog.

You Should Have Mobile Phones /Laptops, Or Computers/Tabs. 

To blog, you must have a smartphone, a laptop, a computer, or a tablet.If you have a phone, don’t worry.

You can do blogging. And if you have a laptop or computer, then those are very good because blogging is easier on a laptop/computer than on a mobile phone. At least one of them is required for blogging.

How to Make Money By Blogging On WordPress?

if you have traffic to your blog, you can make a lot of money because blogging is all about getting traffic.

If you have a lot of traffic, you are the king of the blogging field. So first of all, get more and more traffic to earn.

Here’s the Top 9 Ways to make money from your blog.

Through Ad Networks

Ad networks are the first choice of bloggers to monetize their blog first.
Once you have been approved by ad networks, you are eligible to run ads on your website.

The more people click on your website’s ads, the more money you make.

There are many ad networks available like Google Adsense, Ezoic, Mediavine, etc., so if you want to monetize your blog with ad networks, you can monetize.

Lots of bloggers make money from ad networks. Ad networks are highly profitable for publishers and advertisers also.

Google Adsense is the largest and most popular ad network in the world, and most bloggers monetize their blogs with Google Adsense.

What Is The Difference Between Google Ads And Google Adsense

Why Should You Monetize Your Blog With Google Adsense First?

Google Adsense is the largest and most popular ad network. It is easy to use and there are no strict rules for getting approval for Google Adsense.

There’s no minimum traffic required for Google Adsense. You can monetize your blog by just getting 200 – 300 page views per month.

It is easy.

A beginner is motivated when they establish their website early on.

It is difficult to get approval from other ad networks like Ezoic, Mediavine, Adthrive, etc.

because they have strict rules such as you should have 10,000 sessions per month to get approval from Ezoic, which is difficult for beginners.

Similar to Mediavine and adThrive, you must have 50,000 sessions per month in Mediavine to be approved, and 1,00,000 page views per month in adThrive, with the majority of the page views coming from tier 1 countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

How To Get Approval From Google Adsense ?

Most bloggers’ first goal after starting a blog is to get Google Adsense approval.If you want to get approval from Google Adsense, you must follow their guidelines.

For example, your website should be easy to navigate and attractive, and so on. By following their guidelines, you can get approval.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another excellent source for bloggers A lot of people are making a lot of money from affiliate marketing.

The affiliate marketing industry is growing over time, so if you are a blogger, you should definitely do affiliate marketing for revenue.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Basically, promoting the products through your platform is called affiliate marketing.

To do affiliate marketing, you should have an audience, but you don’t need to have a large audience.

You can still make money by having a smaller but targeted audience. ( audience related to your niche).

There are many affiliate programmes available, such as Clickbank, Amazon, and others, where you can choose a product related to your niche and simply promote it by writing a review about it on your blog.

To do affiliate marketing, you need to get approval from the market place There’s no strict rule to get the approval of the marketplace.

It is easy if you have a targeted audience.

By Selling Cource 

 by selling courses is another good way to earn money.

If you have knowledge about any particular field and your blog is about that, you can make a course for a topic related to your niche.

People want to learn about a specific topic, so they will buy your course if they want, so this is a good idea to generate revenue through your wordpress blog.

By Selling Ebooks

Writing a book in digital format about any specific topic is referred to as an ebook.

Ebooks are digital products or digital books that you can’t touch. You can only store them on your device, such as a mobile or computer.

The ebook industry is growing over time, and making ebooks and selling them through your blogs is another earning source for bloggers who want to earn money from blogging.

So why are you behind? If you have knowledge about any niche, you can make ebooks on topics around your niche.

Through Guest Posting

Guest posting is the practise of writing an article for another website. People are doing guest posting because they get backlinks from the websites they write articles for, and the backlink is a ranking factor, so guest posting is a great way to get backlinks.

When your website becomes a big website and has a lot of traffic, you will get many guest posting requests, and by accepting guest posting, you can make money.

Through Sponsored Posts 

A “sponsored post” is when you promote a company’s product on your blog, YouTube channel, social media, or other platform.

For example, if I get a sponsored post from American Express credit card company to promote their credit card and I am telling people by writing a review, promoting the credit card through my blog post, and giving suggestions to buy their credit card , this is called a sponsored post.

If your website becomes a big website and has a lot of traffic, the chances increase of getting sponsored posts through a company.

This is a highly profitable source for making a lot of money because a company is ready to give you a lot of money for a sponsored post whether you have a lot of traffic or not.

The chances increase of getting sponsored posts if your website is famous.

By Giving A Backlink

Inserting one website’s link to another website is called a “backlink.

As I said above, backlink is a ranking factor and backlink helps to rank your website and build your website authority.

Therefore, people are looking for backlinks from high-authority websites, and if you build a high-authority website, you have the opportunity to give backlinks to other websites and get paid.

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By Selling Your Service. 

Many people are looking for services because doing something in any niche is a little bit difficult for beginners, so they look for service providers in that niche If you can give service to your niche, you can list your service on your blog.

You can charge some amount of money for that.

Become a Mentor

You can make a lot of money if you have a skill and an audience.

You can make money by becoming a mentor in your niche. People look for proper guidance in a particular field, and those who teach properly how to grow in a field.

For example, if I am generating a lot of revenue through blogging and I am the master of blogging, many people will contact me for my mentorship and personal guidance to grow a blog and make money.

Because making money from blogging is not easy or growing in a specific field is not easy, people need proper guidance, so they want to learn from someone. I will charge for my mentorship and guidance.

How To Make Money As A WordPress Developer ?

If you are a WordPress developer, you have an additional benefit to making money  because you can make money through all the ways through which a blogger makes money, like through Ad networks, Affiliate marketing, selling courses and e-books, so on.

A WordPress web developer can make money by making websites and website development for clients and by solving issues relating to websites, etc.

The website developers make a lot of money by developing websites for clients because people make websites themselves, but any company makes professional websites through a web developer and they give a lot of money to the web developer.

Which Is The Best Way To Make Money By Blogging On A WordPress Blog ?

As I said above, all these ways are great ways to make a lot of money, but some ways are difficult and some ways are not, such as making money by making a course, through sponsored posts, through guest posting, giving backlinks by providing services, becoming a mentor, which is harder than Google Adsense, and affiliate marketing,


those are time-consuming ways. First you have to take your website to the next level, then you can make money through those ways.

Many people make a lot of money from just these two methods: ad revenue and affiliate marketing, and they could make you rich overnight. These have a lot of earning potential.

Which Is The Fastest Way to Earn Money ? 

there`re many ways out there but, Google Adsense and Affiliate marketing help you to make money. Fast, these are easier than those ways that I mentioned above.

Google Adsense and Affiliate marketing do not have any strict rules to get approved.

You may get approval from Google Adsense with just 10–15 articles, but I recommend writing about 25–35 posts to get approval from Google Adsense.

If you have 5000 page views per month or more, you can make a good income from affiliate marketing.

Google Adsense and affiliate marketing are the best ways to make money quickly from blogging.

What Are the Factors Affecting Your Earnings?

Many factors affect your earnings that you should know to make a lot of money. If you overcome these factors, you might make a lot of money from blogging.

Most people are unable to make a lot of money from their website because they don’t have proper knowledge about blogging, like what factors they should keep in mind to make money. Have a look to find out.

Your Niche

choosing a profitable niche is important in blogging and you should choose profitable niches because we are all doing blogging to share information and make money.

There are many niches available on the internet in which you can monetize, but you can’t make money by just monetizing your blog because some niches have high CPC and high RPM, and some do not.

The more CPC and RPM in a niche, the more money you make, so choose profitable blog niches Here’s the complete guide to choosing a profitable blog niche.

Your Audience’s Location 

Another and most important factor is where your traffic comes from;

if you get most of your traffic from tier 1 countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, your earnings will be very high because advertisers bid more for traffic from tier 1 countries than other countries.

Tier 1 countries have more purchasing power than any other country. That’s why advertisers bid more on ads for tier 1 countries.

How Much Does Adsense Pay Per 1000 Views In USA

Your Ads Set Up.

Setting up ads properly on a blog gives an advantage to you because when you set up your ads in the right place within your blog, the chances increase of getting more clicks on ads.

For example, if you set up your ads between an article’s paragraph, that’s one of the perfect places to set them because they have a high chance of being clicked more.

That’s why you always see bloggers set ads between article’s paragraph. The more you click on ads, the more money you make.

How Fast Can You Make Money

There is no set time frame for making money from blogging; it all depends on how hard you work on your blog and how quickly you start getting traffic to it.

The faster you get traffic, the faster you start to make money.

Still, I would say if you work properly on your blog, it will take you 6 months to get your first income.

It will take less than 6 months or more than 6 months, depending on how fast and how much traffic you get.

Final Words 

Making money from blogging is not as easy as it sounds. there`re many factors that affect your earning and decide your earning that how much you make such as your niche, your traffic and your traffic location play a significant role to make from blogging.

I hope you understand how to make money from a WordPress blog, and I hope you liked this article. if you get any question feel free to ask in the comment, i`ll reply.

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