How to Find Low Competition Keywords On Quora 2022

After choosing a niche and starting a blog now, you will have to write quality content for your blog on low competition keywords, but how can you find low competition keywords This is not a big deal; it’s easy with Quora, you can find low competition keywords through many ways and quora is one of them.

So you are going to know a complelete guide on how to find low-competition keywords on quora through which you can create a quality content and can rank on top.

So let’s get started.

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What Is a Keyword? 

A keyword is a query that people search for on Google to get an answer. Keyword may you rich overnight so find a perfect keyword is important in blogging.

A keyword can be highly competitive, low competitive, or no competitive.

Let’s talk about it in detail.

Keywords With a High Level of Competition 

These are highly competitive keywords where the big websites rank for these keywords. It is very difficult to rank on these keywords for beginners and without high authority.

These keywords vary from 40-100 keyword difficulties these types of keywords have high search volume and a high CPC that may you rich overnight but this is not the cup of tea for everyone to rank on these keywords.

To rank on these keywords first you have to build a high authority on google. and create more backlink for these keywords.

Keyword on semrush

Look at the screenshot I searched a keyword how to apply for a credit card and what I saw its keyword difficulty is 80%, which is very difficult to rank for this keyword in the beginning.

Don’t try to pick this type of keyword in the beginning.

Once you build a high authority and your article ranks on top of the search results, then you can target this type of keyword.

Low Competition Keywords

Low competition keywords have low competition. You have a chance to rank for these keywords if you write a great article.

For these keywords, you will face less competition than a highly competitive keyword.

These keywords vary from 1 to 30 keywords difficulty. However, these keywords are divided into three categories: very easy (0-14 keyword difficulty), easy (15-30 keyword difficulty), and possible (30-40 keyword difficulty).

The keyword "best websites to use stolen credit card" on ubersuggest

When I searched for the keyword “best websites to use stolen credit cards”, I saw the keyword difficulty was 9.

This is a low competition keyword, and we can see the websites that are ranking for this keyword, such as how they have written the article and how much quality that article has If the big websites which have high da and pa websites are ranking for this keyword, it will be a little bit difficult for you to rank on Google, but if there are no big websites ranking for this keyword, you should target this keyword.

 You can target this type of keyword to rank on Google and find this type of keyword according to your niche.

Note – To check any website’s DA and PA, just go to the DA PA checker and submit the url of any website for which website you want to check DA and PA.

No Competition Keywords

These keywords are known as “no competition” keywords because no one is fighting on Google to rank for a specific keyword.

You are only in the game on these keywords. These keywords are the best keywords to build authority fast on Google.

You won’t get organic traffic from these keywords because they have no search volume, but the point is that they might help you to build your authority fast on Google, which is most important to begin with.

Your other articles may rank higher in Google as a result of this. These keywords vary in difficulty and search volume.

Data of a keyword " Is relationship a good blog niche" On ubersuggest

Here you can see on the screenshot that I searched a keyword “is relationship a good blog niche” and ubersuggest showed the data for this keyword.

You can see 0 search volume and 4 Seo difficulty. Ubersuggest is showing 4 seo difficulty for this keyword, but that is not the real seo difficulty of this keyword. This keyword has 0 seo difficulty. Don’t freak out.

Search for this keyword on Google and see how easy it is to rank on Google’s first page for this keyword.

I saw no one has written an article on this particular keyword and Quora, Pinterest, and Medium are ranking on Google’s first page, so the competition level for this keyword is 0. It is very easy to rank.

Pro Tip – Many experts say to write articles on low-competition keywords. They are right because you can’t rank on Google with highly competitive keywords in the beginning. All your hard work will be in vain.

But my recommendation is that if you are new in the blogging field and don’t have authority on Google, just target the 5-10 no-competition keywords and try to rank all these keywords on Google’s first page.

Don’t write more no-competition keywords, because with the help of no competition keywords you can build authority fast on google but you can’t get organic traffic from these keywords.

Just write 5-10 or up to 15, then write some search volume’s keywords like 100 – 1000 search volume. You might get positive results very soon.

What Is A Low Competition Keywords ? 

Low competition keywords are those keywords where the competition is low, in the sense that the website is ranked with less domain authority and page authority.

And that content is not as good as you can write it and Quora, Pinterest, Medium, etc. are ranking on the first page.

For example,

I took the keyword “best niche for blogging with low competition” and searched for it on Google.

The result I saw is that the blogs that are ranked on Google’s first page have a big authority website and the content they’ve written is not longer than 2000 words.

Quora is ranking for this keyword.

Whenever you see Quora, Medium, Pinterest, etc. ranking on the first page for any keyword, then that keyword is considered a low competition keyword because they are ranking with the help of their authority and the content on these websites is not SEO friendly. To rank on google your article should be seo friendly.

So this is the perfect opportunity for you to create better content to rank on Google’s first page.

Are Low-Competition Keywords Good for SEO?

Yes, low competition keywords are best for beginners because, in the beginning, you don’t have authority to rank on Google and you can’t rank on those keywords that have high search volume and high CPC, so low competition keywords will be God’s blessing for you in the beginning.

You don’t have too much competition to face, and if you write the best content, you can rank for those keywords. So, in my opinion, low-competition keywords are the best keywords for beginners.

Low competition keywords have some pros and cons, so you should know all these

Have a look


Writting an article on low competition keywords are important but low competition keywords have some pros and cons, so you should know all these before finding a low competition keyword on Quora.

Less Competition 

If you write an article on low competition keywords , you will face less competition because not too many blogs are ranking on those low competition keywords because, as you see, low competition keywords do not have too much traffic, and therefore not many blogs target low competition keywords.

You Don’t Have to Deal With a Giant Website to Rank

If you see that giant websites ( big authority websites) are ranking for any keywords, then it is very difficult for you to rank for those keywords in the beginning without high authority.

The giant websites target high search volume keywords that have high keyword difficulty.

They don’t target any low-competition keywords when they’ve built a high authority on Google. As a result, you have the opportunity to rank for low-competition keywords.

Low-competition keywords can help you quickly establish your authority on Google. 

Yes, it is true: targeting a lot of low-competition keywords will definitely help you build your authority on Google quickly, allowing your high search volume keywords to start ranking on Google’s first page.


There are some cons in low competition keywords so you should know about these cons.

You can’t get lot of organic traffic by writing an article on low competition keywords and you can’t get high CPC through your keywords. Let’s talk in details

Low Competition Keywords Have Lower Search Volume than high competition keywords

Low competition keywords have lower search volume, than high competition keywords you will see the search volume of a high competition keywords is 10,000,20,000 and even more than this but you won’t see this number of search volume with low competition keywords so you can’t get a lot of organic traffic by writing low competition keywords.

Low CPC 

Low competition keywords have low CPC, which means you can’t earn more money through keyword CPC, but if your niche is profitable and you get traffic from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, you can earn a lot of money.

Importance of Low Competition Keywords

Finding low competition keywords are most important in keyword research because low competition keywords help you to rank on google.

 you can’t rank on high competition keywords in the beginning and if you target only no competition keywords which have 0 search volume, you can’t get organic traffic from google.

Then low competition keywords comes because low competition keywords brings organic traffic and low competition keywords have also not too much competition.

So you should pick low competition keywords as much as possible to build authority on google.

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What Is A Quora?

Quora is a Q&A website where people ask questions and the people who know the answers answer them.

Quora has 500 million monthly visitors. Quora is the largest forum website in the world and Quora is in the 59th place in the world’s websites.

How Does Quora Work?

If you want to find low-competition keywords on Quora, then you have to create an account first. To create an account, go to Google and search for Quora. After creating the account, you have to log in to your Quora account.

You will be entered into Quora after logging in to your Quora account. Now you can choose your interest and follow it,

You can write your questions to get answers, or you can answer the questions.

It offers Quora space, where you can create your own space to build your audience on Quora.

You can insert your blog post link or YouTube link by answering any questions through which you can get traffic or views from your blog post and YouTube channel.

How Can Quora Help You In Your Blogging Journey

Quora is the friend of bloggers, and if you haven’t used Quora yet, you are missing a big opportunity to grow your blog. Quora has a hundred million unique visitors per month.

Quora is one of the best websites for bloggers and also for people who want to get answers to their questions. Quora can help you in many ways, like this.

You Can Find Blog Topic Ideas

If you are unable to decide what will be your next topic to write an article about, then Quora is the best platform to get your blog post topic ideas because a lot of questions and keywords are available on Quora through which you can choose your blog post topic for your article.

Quora allows you to find long-tail keywords, so Quora will be proven as the best keyword research tool for unique and fresh blog post topic ideas.

You Can Get Traffic

Google takes time to rank your blog by which you can get organic traffic, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t get traffic without google.

Now Quora comes in because you can get traffic from Quora by inserting your blog post link into your answer.

When you answer the question, you can add your blog post link that relates to your answer. But this is not easy.

If you only insert your link to your answer and just promote your blog on Quora, then this is seen as spam and your answer will be deleted.

If you want to get traffic from Quora for a long time, you have to provide value and have to write an in-depth answer to any question so that users get satisfaction from your answer and your answer doesn’t seem like you are just promoting your blog and just want to get traffic from Quora.

You can create a backlink from quora

Quora is a high-authority website which has 80+ domain authority. That is excellent, so you should create a backlink from Quora.

It will help you to build your blog’s authority. Now the question is, how can you create backlinks from Quora?

Here’s the

Create a professional profile on Quora and insert your blog url into your profile, by which when people visit your profile, they may visit your blog through that link, and it will be a do-follow backlink for you.

You can create a backlink by inserting your blog post URL into your answer.

You can get traffic from Quora by inserting your link during the answer to any questions.

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How to Find Low Competition Keywords on Quora 

Quora is one of the website topic idea generators where you can find low-competition keywords to help you rank on Google quickly.

Here’s the step by step guide

Go to Quora and search for a term on which you want to write an article like this.

I searched the “cryptocurrency niche for blogging” and Quora showed the questions related to this question which was asked.

 the keyword “is cryptocurrency a good blog niche”?

And look for related keywords, by click to one of the suggested question and scroll down, you will see related questions around your questions.

So pick those questions and include these questions to your blog post such as how to start a cryptocurrency blog, and use these keywords in your blog post to help Google to understand your content and rank your content on top.

Related questions on quora

You can find long tail keywords by using quora so quora will be proved as best keyword research tool for unique and fresh blog post topic ideas.

Now search for this keyword – ” is cryptocurrency a good blog niche ” on Google and find the related keywords around this keyword.

To find related keywords, just search for this keyword on Google and see the auto-suggested keywords by Google and use these keywords in your blog post.

Google auto suggested related keywords

Choose some keywords from auto suggested for your blog post to rank on google’s first page

Keywords list on People also search for section on google search results

Search for your keyword on Google and see related keywords Use these keywords to your blog post.

Related keywords on related searches section on google search results

So you can see the blogs are already ranking for this keyword on Google’s first page. As you can see, Quora is ranking in the top 10, which means if you write a quality article on this keyword, you can rank.

Most importantly, look at the blogs’ titles, which are ranked. You will find that no one has written an article for this keyword and they’ve not used “is cryptocurrency a good blog niche” in their title.

So you can see they are ranking on Google because of the “cryptocurrency blog” term they have used in their title and article.

Blogs are ranking on google's first page on is cryptocurrency a good blog niche keyword

So this is the right opportunity for you to target these keywords to rank. So simply find the low-competition keywords like this and write a quality article to rank.

See what I have done I did the same as I told you. I found a low-competition keyword like this on Quora and just wrote an article on this keyword, which ranked immediately on Google’s first page for this keyword.

This is my new blog and just my second post was ranked on Google’s first page because I found a low-competition keyword on Quora like this.

Final Words 

Initially, working on low-competition keywords is very important because you can’t rank your blog for high-competition keywords because your site doesn’t have authority, no matter how much you’re an expert in a niche or how well you write articles.

So i strongly recommend if your blog is new and does`nt have high authority or struggling to rank your blog , you should focus on no competition and low competition keywords. these types of keywords help you to rank your blog on search engine.

I have described the process of how to find low-competition keywords on Quora. If you follow this process, you`ll definitely find low-competition keywords.

2 thoughts on “How to Find Low Competition Keywords On Quora 2022”

  1. How to find out whether a question on Quora ( intended to be used as blog keyword) is highly competitive or low competitive or not competitive? Is there any free tool to determine the keyword difficulty?

    • If you use any keyword research tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, and so on, they do not show any data for these types of questions, so here`s the way to find whether it is highly competitive, lowly competitive, or not competitive at all.

      First, pick the question from Quora and search in the Google search bar. Look at the titles of the websites that are currently ranking for this question. The most important thing to see is whether those titles answer your question or are similar to your question. If not, you can consider it non-competitive. If you see more titles that match your question or keyword, those would be high-competition keywords.

      Another way to check that is to use the Google search operator “allintitle:your keyword” and search on Google to see how many websites target this keyword. If fewer results are being shown, you can say that is not a competitive keyword, and if more results are being shown, that would be a competitive keyword.

      if Quora, Medium, Linkedin and so on are ranking on first page of google for any particular keyword, it would be low competion keywords you can easily rank for that keyword


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