How to Create a Free Blog on Blogspot and Make Money In 2023

Myself, Harshit Tiwari and i welcome you to this article.

Do you want to start a free blog on blogspot and want to make money from your blog and are you unable to understand where to start or how to create a free blog on blogspot ? that makes money. You have landed in right place.

My experience in the blogging field helped me a lot to understand blogging such as what is a blog? How do you grow a blog? How to make money from blogging?

Is Blogging Profitable in 2022 and in Future? 

Yes! Blogging was still profitable, is still profitable and we hope it will be still profitable in the future. In my opinion blogging is a great carrier choice for someone who wants to earn passive income.


Blogging can change your life overnight and it wouldn’t be wrong to say a single keyword can change your life overnight.

Many people have made their lives with the help of blogging, and i hope the next one is you. You will make your life with the help of blogging.

Some big bloggers and their earning from blogging has been shown below according to bloggerspassion, by which you can know how much potential there is in blogging

Bloggers                               Earning

Adam Enfroy                 $1.5 million/year

Alex and Lauren     $9,72,000 million/year

Anil Agarwal           $1, 60,000 million/year

This data has been taken from Bloggerspassion.

Which is the best platform for blogging if I am beginner? 

The best platform for blogging is WordPress, but if you are a beginner and you don’t have money or don’t want to spend money early, then start with blogspot this is good platform for beginners who don’t have knowledge about blogging.

Can i create my blog on blogger for free ? 

Blogger is free and you can host your blog for free on blogger. If you want to add domain to your blogger blog then you can do it but to add a custom domain to your blog you will have to pay money about 5$ – 10$.

Can i earn money from blogspot ? 

Yes you can earn from blogspot, you can earn 100$ to 1000$ and more than this through Google AdSense, Affiliate marketing, by selling digital products etc on a free blogspot blog.

Should I start with WordPress if I am a beginner

You have created a blog to earn money am I right? and blogging can make you rich but to become a rich person with the help of blogging, you can buy hosting and come to the WordPress but I suggest you that if you are new to blogging field and have no prior experience start with a free blogspot blog and learn to blog and earn after that you can host your website on wordpress.

What is Blogspot ? 

Blogspot is a subdomain of Blogger. When anyone creates a free blog on Blogger, Blogger gives a sub domain to people who want to create a free blog on Blogger.

This means people don’t need to pay anything for their domain. In  .com, .US, .Net, and so on.Setting up these domains is a little bit difficult for beginners who are new in the blogging field, but not the case with blogspot.

You don’t need to set up blogspot for your blog, it will be automatically set up to your blog by creating a free blog on blogspot.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogspot Blog

Blogspot subdomains have some benefits and drawbacks that you should be aware of if you intend to use them.It helps you to grow your blog and sometimes you will feel like getting another domain will be good for you, so learn what the advantages and disadvantages of Blogspot are.


Some advantages are mentioned below. Here you will know what the advantages are of using a blogspot sub domain and how it will help me.

It’s Totally Free

When you want to take domains like.Com, .Net, .US,.In, etc, you have to pay $5-$10$ for each domain. The more domains are available, the more domains are available for only 1 or 2 dollars.

But you don’t need to pay anything for the blogspot domain. It’s totally free. So the first advantage of the blogspot domain is that it’s totally free.

Don’t need to Set Up

When you buy other domains for your blog, after that you have to set up your purchased domain to blog, which will be difficult for people when they are new in the blogging field, but this is not the case with blogspot sub domain.

You don’t need to set this up. Once you have created a free blog on blogspot, the blogspot sub domain will be automatically added to your blog, so you don’t need to set up the blogspot sub domain.

It’s Private 

You can get details like when this domain was registered, when it will expire and many more things about domains like  .com, net, etc on whois, but you can’t get details of any blogspot sub domain because it is Google’s product and Google is very strict about privacy.


You get some disadvantages with blogspot sub domain. You should also know these disadvantages so that you can do what is best for you.

Bad User engagement

When people see a blogspot sub domain, they don’t click on it. That is not good for a blogger because if they don’t click on it, i can’t get traffic, and getting more traffic is the most important thing in blogging. With the help of traffic, bloggers make more money.

It is Difficult to Rank on Google

Yes, blogspot sub domain is hard to rank. If you are using blogspot sub domain, you won’t get positive results immediately.

I want to ask a question:

How many times you have seen a blogspot domain is ranking on google search results? 

Probably your answer will be very less because it is very hard to rank blogspot domain on top 10 results of google.

I had also started with a blogspot subdomain, but couldn’t get any positive result with blogspot as I knew it, I immediately bought a new domain and I got results with the new domain. 

I would like to say that atleast buy a custom domain to a blogger website which will help you to grow your blog.

My Suggestion – You have made a blog for earning and you make money when you get traffic, whereas you can’t get more traffic with a blogspot sub domain, so you can’t make money more with the help of a blogspot sub domain.

Before, create a free blog on blogspot ? You should choose the perfect niche. Let’s talk about it.

What is a Niche ? 

A niche is a topic related to what kind of article you publish on your blog. Choosing a perfect niche is very important when starting a blog because you are creating your content related to which niche. Your audience will be made according to your niche.

How to Choose the Perfect Niche for Your Blog ?

Many niches are available to start blogging, but not all niches are for everyone, so choose a niche in which you are interested. To choose a niche, you should keep 3 things in mind.

High Revenue

According to interest



You should keep it in your mind that the niche you are targeting has how much profitable and how much earning potential means how much cpc and rpm a niche has and you will get in that niche and how many earning sources in that niche and you will also have to see does anyone search queries related to that niche on google.

Every niches are not profitable some are more profitable and some are less profitable

because you want to create a blog for earning, so high revenue niches are the most important for you to start.

According to your Interest

Choose your niche according to your interests because interest is the most important thing to choosing a perfect niche for your blog. Without interest, It doesn’t matter how much profitable your niche is

For example,

If I start a blog on health where I have no interest in health, I will  probably quit this blog after some time because I have no interest in health, so I can’t write top quality articles in the health niche and I can’t run this blog for a long time.

If I have an interest in making money online and I start a blog in this niche, I can work better in this niche than in the niche I have no interest in.


Many people ask if I have no expertise in any particular niche but have an interest, then should I start a blog in that niche. I would like to tell those people

Yes you can start a blog in which niche you are interested and don’t have expertise.

The Psychology Says: even though your are not an expert in any niche but you can become an expert in which you are interested, even after being an expert, you can’t work well in which you are not interested.

I hope you will get understand

How to Create a Free Blog on Blogspot Step by Step Guide 

Creating a free blogging website is very easy. You can create a free blog on blogspot within 10 minutes. have a look

A girl is working on laptop

Step 1 – Go and search on Google for After that, you will see’s official website will be shown in search results like this.

Blogger website in google

Step 2 – Confirm your Display Name

'Display name' option on blogger website

In this box, write a blog name that you want to create. After writing your blog name, click on the next button.

Notice – Write the first letter is capital of your blog name on display name.

For example, if I want to write my blog name, Creatorsskill I will do so in the display name as follows:

Creators Skill

Now you can see creatorsskill has been made from two words, creators and skill, so I write the first letter capital of creators and the second letter is capital of skill. Write like this.

Step – 3 Choose a URL for your Blog

'url' option on blogger website

In this box you have to create a url for your blog. Just write your blog name that you created in the previous window and write here with no space.

If this url is available, you can click on the next button. If this url won’t be available, then write a different blog name. It doesn’t matter what have you written a blog name in your display name.

Notice: If possible, don’t try to add numbers or symbols to your url. It’s not good for your blog.

Step 4 – Choose a Name for your Blog

Title of blog option on blogger website

Now you have to write your blog name here. You want to create a blog name for that blog name which you have written in the Url window where you have created a URL for your blog.

Hurray, you have successfully created a blog.

Your work isn’t done just by creating a blog. Now you will have to set up your blog.

How to Set up Your Blog on Blogspot

Your work does not end there; you must now set up your blog. Let’s look at how to set up

Click on three dots of your blog dashboard, now click on settings and now you will see title, description, blog language etc.

Setting option of blogger dashboard


For example, in this section you will have to write your blog name and click on the save button. I have written here my blog name, which is Creators Skill, but in the title you will have to write your own blog name and then save. Just like this

'Title' option on blogger setting


The next one is a description. The description is essentially what your blog is about. In this you will have to write about your blog. What is your blog all about ? Which type of content will you publish on this blog?

You will have to write about your blog in 500 words or less. It’s my blog’s description. You can understand from this picture how to write a blog description.

'Description' option on blogger setting

Blog Language

Blogger dashboard provides many language options for bloggers to create blogs in the language of their choice.You can select a language from here for your blog. In which language will you post your content? You can select

Adult Content

In this section you will see that both its options will already be disabled and you will have to keep disabling them.


You can add your icon to your blog by clicking on Favicon, which allows you to customise your blog’s icon. Favicon provides readers with a beautiful view of your blog.

Meta Tags

Here you will see two options. The first is the enabled search description, and the second is the search description.

'Meta tag' option in blogger's setting

Keep it enabled to enable search description. A “search description” is a short description of your blog. When anyone searches for your blog on Google, Google shows a short description of your blog by which a user can understand what this blog is all about.

It’s necessary to keep enabling.

Second is search description. Write a short paragraph about your blog. Try to put some keywords in the search description that may help you rank on Google for these keywords.

Crawlers and Indexing 

Crawlers and indexing are another important setting of your blogspot blog.

First of all, “Google Crawler” discover your content, after that they crawl it and then index it. After that, ranking comes.

You can understand this.





Let’s talk about it in detail.

When you have finished writing your article, you must publish it and then submit the link to Google search console. When you submit your article’s link to Google search console, Google’s bot will discover it, crawl it if Google wants to  index it, then google index and finally rank it.

So this is the process of ranking content on Google.

Custom robot.txt

You should understand what custom robot.txt is before deciding to enable or disable it.

As you learned above, in the process of ranking, Google’s crawlers enter our blog and they crawl our web pages or content, but with the help of custom robot.txt, you give instructions to Google about which pages of my blog are allowed to crawl and which are not.

Because when you don’t want to crawl some pages like category, archives etc of my blog, you can disallow them to be crawled by creating a robot.txt file.

You can submit it according to this structure in your robot.txt section.

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google Disallow: User-agent: * Disallow: /search Allow: / Sitemap:

In that place, you will have to paste your blog’s link and copy and paste it into your custom robot.txt file. After that, enable custom robot.txt.

The time has come to enable custom robot header tags.

Keep these like this.

Home page tags – all and noodp Archive and search page tags – noindex and noodp Post and page tags – all and noodp

Make your Blog Visible to Search Engine

Is your blog visible to search engines? How will they know? When your blog is visible to a search engine, it means your blog is ready to be shown in search results. How to make our blog visible to a search engine? Here is the process.

Step 1. Go to the blogger dashboard click on setting option

Step 2. Scroll down. You will see a privacy option, and just below it you will see a visible to search engine option. Just enable it like this.

Visible to search engine option in blogger's setting

now you will have to set up these things that will help you to grow your blog. These are all important, so set up these things like this.

 Google Search Console ? 

Google search console was previously known as Google web master tool, but it is now known as Google search console, so you say Google search console.

Google search console is a Google product that measures your traffic, user experience, and other factors. It displays a variety of data related to your blog and allows you to submit links for indexing.

So you can see which articles are getting more clicks and impressions, so the Google search console is very important for bloggers where they can measure their growth.

How to Add a Blog to the Google Search Console ? 

To measure your growth and data first, you will have to add your blog to Google search console. The step-by-step process has been given below. Follow it and submit your blog to Google search console.

Step 1 – Go to the Google search console and click on the start button. As you click on the start button, a new window will be opened.

Step 2 –  Click on the URL prefix After clicking on it, you will be asked for a URL. Simply copy your blog’s URL and then paste it there. After that, you will be auto verified for your ownership. Click on “Go to property.”

'URL prefix' option in Google search console

Congratulations, you have successfully submitted your blog to the Google search console. It will show data for your blog within 2 days.


Basically, a sitemap is a structure that helps search engines to find how many posts, pages, images, etc. are on a website or blog because you can’t tell Google that you have 10 posts or 100 posts, 20 images, 4 pages, etc by speaking.

To inform Google about the number of posts, images, categories, pages, and so on in your blog, you have to create a sitemap and submit it to your blog and search console.

When Google ‘s crawler visits your blog, they visit the sitemap of your blog to find how many posts, categories, images, etc. there are in your blog.

So it is important to generate a sitemap and submit it to a blog and the Google search console.

How Do You Create a Sitemap for Your Blog ? 

Creating a sitemap is very easy with this step by step guide and you will know that how can you create a sitemap for your blogger blog. It is important to create so here’s the guide to create a sitemap for your blog

Step 1 – Go to the sitemap generator and paste your blog’s URL. It will give you a sitemap for your blog. Copy a sitemap and simply paste it into the robot.txt file.

Step 2 – Click on the 3 dots of your Google Search Console. There you will see a sitemap option. Click on it and just write sitemap.xml. Your sitemap will be successfully submitted and you will see the number of URLs of your blog which are in the sitemap.

'Sitemap' option in Google search console


So now you have created a free blog on blogger and set it up, the main thing now is how to write a blog post on blogger. Because writing quality articles is everything in blogging, content is king, so here’s the guide on how to write a quality article for your blog.

How to Write a Blog Post ? 

Log into your blogger account and just click on the 3 dots of your blogger account.

You can see the New Post option. Just click on it and the blank page will be opened for you to write an article.

You have five headings for your article, and you have to use these to write your article

Heading tag option in post editor of blogger

When you write a paragraph, write in normal, which you can see in the headings section of your post.

My suggestion is to write a quality content.

Find Low Competition Keyword

Many keyword research tools are available where you can find low competition keywords. Now that you are new to blogging, you should focus on low competition keywords, not on how many people are searching your keyword, so you should try 0-5 keyword difficulty in the beginning.

When you search for any keyword on Google, if you see any forum sites like Quora, etc., or YouTube videos, or the results in which they haven’t put the keyword in the title, that you are searching for in the top 10 results,

Then understand that this is a very low competition keyword and this is a good opportunity for you to write a quality article on that keyword and rank fast on Google.

Once you rank on Google, then you can target. Then you should focus on high traffic keywords.

Research Well

After finding the low competition keyword now, you will have to research how you can do it.

Enter your main keyword into the Google search bar, then look at who ranks in the top ten and analyse their content. How can I write better than what the results show?

Add a related keyword to your article. Just search for your main keyword on Google. After that, click on the space button on your device to see results like this.

Way to find related keyword for article

Include the question from people also ask section on search results. The more click on the question the more question will be shown.

People also ask section in google search results

Now you can see that the keywords that are being shown below are your related keywords. Use these keywords in your articles.

Related search in Google search results

You should use keywords in people’s also ask and related search terms like this.


After writing your article, put this article on a label so that users can find your article easily.

Note –Label” is a category.

For example,

If I write an article on how to apply for a credit card, I will put that article in the credit card label. If I write an article on how to get a student loan, then I put that article in the student loan label. So consider the label as a category.

Before putting your article on labels, you will have to make labels.


It is better for SEO if your permalink is short.Write your permalink like this.

Every word should be small, and no numbers or symbols should be used in the permalink.

Permalink option in blogger

Search Description

Search description is also known as meta tag in WordPress. Search description is to describe your content in a few words so that user can know what is the article about before clicking on the title.

Then, write a search description for your article that what have you told in this article what user will get in this article.

For example

I am telling you to this article How to create a free blog on blogspot and make money

So i will write my search description like this

Note –  Put your main keyword on search description.

How to Insert an Image into a Blog Post ? 

Images make articles attractive and readers like to see images on articles so that they can understand your content better. A well optimised image might increase your ranking. Optimization of images is a part of SEO.

1. Click on the file icon, and after that, click on “upload from computer” and select the image that you want to upload.

Image option in post

2. After inserting an image into an article, you should optimise your image for ranking.

After inserting the image, just click on the image and click on the settings icon. A new window will be opened and you will see three options: Alt text, Title text, and Size.

Alt text option in image

You have to write in alt text. Basically, alt text is an alternative text of an image that tells the user what is in the image when they can’t see the image because of a poor internet connection.

A girl is writing

For example, this is an image which I have inserted to understand you.

The alt text of this image is: “A girl is writing an article on copy.” You have to write like this in your image alt text.

Put the original size of your image so it shows well on both devices, mobile and desktop.

What are an Internal link and External link ?

When you link from a web page on your site to another web page on your site, that is called an internal link.

When you link a web page of another site to your web page of your site, that is called an external link.

How do You Add  an Internal Link and External Link to your article ? 

Inserting an internal link and an external link to the article is very important because it’s part of SEO.

You can drive traffic from a particular post to another post just by inserting an internal link from your article to another article.

Google likes internal and external links, so you should insert 3 to 4 internal links or more than this to a single article. You should insert 1 or more than this external link to a single article.

Now let’s come to the point: how to insert an internal link and an external link to an article.

How Do You Add an Internal Link to Your Article ?

1. Click on this icon and write the title of an article in the text display box. You want to link to an article to show.

Internal and external link option in post editor


2. After that, copy your article’s URL that you want to link and just paste

After that, copy your article’s URL that you want to link and just paste it in the “paste or search for the link” box.

3. Mark to ‘open this link in a new tab’ then click to apply

How Do You Add an External Link to Your Article ?

1. Search for a keyword on Google to give an external link to your article. After that, copy the URL of the article.

2. In your post, click the link icon and enter some text in the text box.

3. Paste the URL into the “paste or search for link box”, check the option to open this link in a new tab, and then click Apply.

My Suggestion – Give an external link to a high-authority website. It may increase your ranking position and it is important for SEO.


How Do I Change the Theme on Blogger ? 

1.Go to the theme section of your blogger dashboard.

2. Click on the arrow just below of customise option after that, click on the restore option. you can upload your theme from your mobile or computer select the file you want to upload.

Restore option in theme editor of blogger

If you have not downloaded any theme yet, you can use Blogger’s theme which is available.

If you want to use Blogger’s theme, click on the theme section of your blogger dashboard and just scroll down and choose the theme you want to upload.

I’m assuming you’ve already uploaded a theme, and you’ll need to customise it to your liking.Make it simple for the reader to find what they’re looking for.

How Can I Make Money From Blogger Blog ? 

Making money from blogging is not as easy as it sounds for beginners, but if you work on your blog in the right way, you can start making money from your blog within 6 months. Here’s how to monetize your Blogger blog.

Through Google AdSense 

Google AdSense has become a great source of earnings for bloggers or content creators because the majority of bloggers make money from Google AdSense.

You can make money through Google AdSense by showing advertisements on your blog, and the more clicks you get on your advertisement, the more money you make.

So you should apply for Google AdSense for sure, but before applying you should work on your blog by following their terms and conditions.

Because of this, they will approve your blog when you are getting good traffic. You can apply for Google AdSense and they will review your blog. After that, they will answer you through email whether your blog has been approved or not.

You can apply for Google AdSense as long as you want. There is no time limit for applying.

Through Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing has been one of the biggest revenue generators for bloggers and creators. This is also a great thing to do on your blog to make more money.

In affiliate marketing, you have to promote a product related to your niche by just giving the product’s link to your blog or article.

If a user buys the item through your link, you get some percentage of commission. The commission can be much higher or lower depending on your marketplace. Many affiliate marketplaces are available, such as Clickbank, Amazon, Flipkart, Wallmart and Shareasale network etc

To make money from affiliate marketing, you will have to create an account on an affiliate marketplace, choose the product and promote it through your blogs.

 Selling Your Digital Product Or Services

You can generate a high income by selling your own digital products and services with their assistance, which is simple if you have a targeted audience, because selling your own digital products and services requires a targeted audience.


Final Words 

You can enter the blogging field for free by creating a blog on BlogSpot, and if you`re passionate about writing, you should definitely enter the blogging field. You can create a free blog on BlogSpot by following the steps as I told you.

I gave you in this article a step-by-step guide on creating a free blog on BlogSpot. If you have any queries, you can ask me in the comment box and I will answer your query. Don’t forget to share this article with friends.

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