What is Money Back Policy


Money back plans mean that the money is returned to the insured in the form of survival benefits after a specified period. When the policyholder survives the policy term, there is a guarantee of money back. In the event of death of the policyholder, the nominee receives the Guaranteed Sum Assured as well as the …

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Insurance Means


In reality, there is an agreement between the insurer, that is, the insurer and the insured, in which the insurer takes a fixed amount from the insured, in exchange for the occurrence of any event, such as the death of one person. Pays a fixed amount, or indemnifies the actual loss incurred by the insurer. …

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What is the benefit of Health Insurance?

What is Health Insurance What is health insurance If a person has health insurance then that person is an insurance holder that person can take a cashless facility and get their treatment done while hospitalization for up to a period of 60 days depending on the insurance plans bought by the insurance policy It covers …

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What Is General Insurance

What is General Insurance or General Insurance? This is the insurance, which does not come under life insurance, is called general or ordinary insurance. The following are insured in general insurance, which is not done in life insurance, such as fire insurance, marine insurance, accidental insurance, motor insurance, marine insurance, etc. Many other types of …

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Life Insurance Benefit Policy

The minimum age for taking LIC Jeevan Labh policy is 8 years and the maximum age is 59 years. Jeevan Labh Policy 936 is a Limited PREMIUM Paying, Non-Linked , With-Profit Endowment Life Insurance Plan. Which offers a combination of protection and savings. It is a There is a basic endowment plan, in which you …

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Top 5 Car Insurance Companies In USA

Welcome to this article. Insurance is your real friend in a bad time, so don`t forget to get it. There are many benefits of insurance, like car insurance, health insurance, house insurance, and so on, but in this article, we`ll learn about the top car insurance companies in the United States. Your car is an …

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Is Blog Commenting Still Effective & Profitable In 2023

Blog commenting is the way through which you can get traffic and build relationships with other bloggers, but the question is: is blog commenting still effective? You don`t need to worry; you have come to the right place because I will explain much more about blog commenting, but for now, you`ll have to read this …

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How Long Does It Take To Do Keyword Research

How long does it take to do keyword research

Are you new to keyword research and want to know how long does it take to do keyword research ?, in this article you`ll get the answer to this question but before knowing this you should know some basic information about keyword research but you dont need to worry because in this article ill tell …

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What Is The User Experience In A Website

What is the user experience in a website

Hello, welcome to this article. Actually, I was not active on my blog for the last 45 days, so I’m sorry for that, but now I`m back with this article. User experience is very important for bloggers, and Google gives priority but the question is, what is the user experience on a website? If you’re …

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How To Add FAQ Schema In WordPress Without Plugin

How to add FAQ schema in WordPress without plugin

FAQ schema markup makes your website more visible to search engines, and it might improve your ranking and traffic. You should add this without plugins because more plugins might slow your website’s speed. But the question is, “How to add an FAQ schema in WordPress without plugins?” You don’t need to worry, because in this …

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